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Coronavirus: Information on business operation at SCHÖLLY

Like all companies, we follow the developments surrounding the coronavirus very closely and have taken far-reaching precautions to protect employees, our customers and business partners while maintaining the best possible delivery and service capability.

Here is an overview of our current regulations and measures. We are guided by the information and recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

  • Our employees work in the home office as far as possible. This means that the usual contact persons can be reached at the usual times.
  • Until further notice, no visitors are being received; all business trips have been suspended. In certain cases, exceptions can be made under appropriate security measures.
  • The existing online communication tools are used for meetings. This enables us to manage our conferences internally and externally.
  • Our production was converted to an extended multi-shift operation. This means that fewer people are working in production at the same time. This reduces the number of contacts while ensuring reliable production.
  • In the supply chain, we currently have no information about restrictions in the ability of our suppliers to deliver. We are in close coordination with our partners in the course of our stockpiling.

Our products are made by humans for humans. This is true once again in this time when the coronavirus is keeping us on our toes worldwide. The health of our employees, customers and business partners, as well as market supply, is our highest priority.