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Endoscopy camera with option of OR-Integration

The first prototype for direct remote control via ISO/IEEE 11073 SDC protocol was presented to the trade public in April in Berlin.

An interface according to the ISO/IEEE 11073 Service-oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) protocol enables manufacturer-independent OR integration of medical devices. SCHÖLLY presented the first camera light source prototype with this remote control at this year's DMEA, Europe's largest event for the healthcare IT industry.

The SDC interface makes it possible to integrate SCHÖLLY devices into third-party systems or vice versa. This promotes close cooperation between the manufacturers and further digital solutions such as automated documentation of OR steps, OR workflow optimization, Business Intelligence/Analytics, KI etc. can be realized.

The response from doctors, hospital operators, hospital planners and other medical device manufacturers was overwhelming.

"We are convinced and know that the first tenders from hospitals for OR equipment will soon require compatibility with this new OR integration standard," said Armin Janß from the Chair of Medical Technology at RWTH Aachen University.

"With the setup shown at DMEA, we are showing that standardization, which has been agreed with the FDA among others, is already working," added Björn Andersen from the Institute for Medical Informatics at the University of Lübeck.

Martin Kasparick from the Institute for Applied Microelectronics and Data Technology at the University of Rostock looks to the future and emphasizes: "A considerable added value will be created on the basis of standardized and manufacturer-independent interoperability: improvements in the area of patient safety and the success of treatment as well as clinical processes through the support of medical personnel, up to new possibilities for the collection of research and care data".

SCHÖLLY presented a FlexiVision 10/LED 200 prototype with remote control via ISO/IEEE 11073 SDC OR protocol, which was controlled by tablets and touch displays. This functionality will initially be used in new developments of OEM endoscopy cameras.


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