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Medica 2016: two booths – two top themes

4K with the FlexiVision camera platform


The camera platform FlexiVision becomes 4K READY! On our booth we show you how to integrate a 4K solution into your portfolio. The advantages of 4K (Ultra High Definition) are the four times increased resolution compared to Full HD, the extended color space BT.2020 for better color reproduction and a high contrast image with high dynamic range.

See for yourself how the advantages of 4K become impressively visible at our booth.
A further strength of the FlexiVision camera platform is its multi connectivity. Just as you need it, you can choose between different native full HD controllers which each scores points with individual features: video algorithms, video recording or image capturing.

In addition, we offer a selection of various full HD camera heads which can be attached to the controller: zoom, fixed focal length, 90° angled – each usable with standard ocular endoscopes. And there is the possibility of attaching a pen-shaped full HD camera handpiece. With this visualization system you can attach endoscopy probes that have been especially developed for your uses. This system is ideally suitable when tactile work with endoscopes in small diameters is required.

FlexiVision control units support different kinds of camera heads and endoscopes by means of targeted adjustments and thus achieve excellent image quality in all fields.

The presentation at our OEM and technology booth is complemented by a chip-in-tip development. Since image sensors are very small and we do not need any additional light cables due to modern LED technology, thin systems can be realized in a slim and light housing. This offers new possibilities in different application areas.

Solutions with disposable endoscope sheaths, which protect the system from mechanical impacts, shorten the reprocessing times of the endoscopes or are preferred for hygienic reasons. They are also part of our offer. We would be pleased to discuss this topic with you.


Medical-Endoscopy-Laparoscopy-Tower.jpgLaparoscopy tower in your corporate design

In addition to the products necessary for a perfect visualization such as endoscope, camera and light source, we can now offer you a laparoscopy tower, which includes the accompanying cart and further products. The products are perfectly attuned to one another and harmonize brilliantly as a set. As a Private Label specialist we pay close attention to assure that all of your products are matched to your corporate design. Your advantage: the laparoscopy tower can either remain as a unit in the operation room or can be transported in the cart to where it is needed.

We are pleased to give you information, not only about our products and technology, but also how we can support you with our service concepts.

At the shared booth A63 of the GHE in Hall 12 we have reserved two booths for your visit.

We are looking forward to meet you!