visual inspection

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FlexiVision® 100 – Full HD Inspection System

Reliable inspection results during production of components for cars, motorcycles and aircrafts.

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The FlexiVision 100 with its two connecting devices provides Full HD images of the visual inspection. Useful software functions help to identify and analyze defects better than with current endoscope cameras.



FlexiVision 100 with its two connecting devices is the new camera system for complex visual inspections. It can be used in production and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). FlexiVision 100 offers brilliant inspection results and high flexibility by using two different devices either the FlexiScope 3 camera handpiece or the HD camera head.

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FLEXISCOPE 3 camera handpiece

The FlexiScope 3 camera handpiece is a versatilely applicable connecting device for FlexiVision 100. Due to a wide range of interchangeable probes, it can be adapted to new inspection tasks in seconds. 

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FLEXISCOPE 2 and 3 probes

FlexiScope 2 and 3 probes can be combined with the FlexiScope 3 camera handpiece. SCHÖLLY offers a comprehensive program of probes with working diameters in the range of 0.7 mm to 4.0 mm.

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HD camera head

The HD camera head is a connecting device for FlexiVision 100. All endoscopes and fiberscope with DIN Ocular can be attached.

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