Visual Inspection


The new standard for industrial cameras -
Visual inspections now in full HD

The FlexiVision 100 with its two connecting devices is SCHÖLLY´s new camera system for industrial applications. It stands out from the competition with its unique full HD image quality. Hard-to-identify defects belong to the past.

The FlexiVision 100 offers high-resolution images, rich in contrast and with a high degree of detail. New for the user are integrated video algorithms that additionally highlight deviations inside components, thus shortening the inspection time and lowering costs.

FLEXIVISION® 100 for highest demands in quality assurance

With a new dimension in image quality, the FlexiVision 100 significantly increases the performance of quality assurance. Why is FlexiVision 100 so unique?

  • Clear and quick analysis of defects by means of brilliant full HD images (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • Video algorithms highlight deviations and help in decision-making  
  • Use of common probes, endoscopes and fiberscopes possible
  • Existing endoscopes used so far lead to new, better inspection quality when combined with the FlexiVision 100
  • Inspection images can easily be stored on a USB flash drive at the click of a button and can be used as needed, in-house and externally, in the quality management system

Premium Full HD image quality

With high resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel image rendering, every surface structure inspected with a borescope is sharp, high in contrast and true to its color on the monitor. It enables the user to identify even smallest defects.

Video algorithms provide clear information for borderline defects

Video algorithms are software functions with which surface abnormalities can be optically enhanced. The use of video algorithms during visual inspection means defects can be identified more quickly and clearly.
The video algorithms included in the FlexiVision 100 help to evaluate corrosion, burr, chip residue, poor drillings, the smallest cracks and nicks.


Split Screen

With the Split Screen function, a static image can be shown on the monitor next to the live image of the inspection. In addition, the image is stored on the USB stick of the FlexiVision 100. It is possible, for example, to store reference images of the component, which can be used as comparisons. Consistent quality can be achieved with the Split Screen function.




For improved traceability and to document inspection results, the inspection images can be saved directly onto a USB stick.

FLEXIVISION® 100 - one base unit - numerous connection possiblities

FlexiVision 100 can be combined with the two connecting devices FlexiScope 3 camera hand piece and the HD camera head. With the FlexiScope 3 camera handpiece all FlexiScope 2 und 3 probes can be used. With the HD camera head all endsocopes and fiberscopes with DIN ocular can be connected to the FlexiVision 100.